A shiny new 747-8F

Finally came time for me to see a 747-8 up close.
While doing and afternoon shift, Cargolux landed one of the two they have in the fleet here in MXP, and we jumped on the occasion.

While it looks longer than you -400 standard flavor, it really doesn’t look so big as I thought it was, but it looks more modern.
A few features, like the raked wingtips and the new engine cowlings and fan-blades meant to reduce noise and optimize consumption really give the impression of a futuristic machine.

Anyway, the most impressive feature for me is its cleanliness! I’ve never been on airplane so new, so the way it shined and smelled was completely fresh for me.

Here are some photos. As usual, my camera was at home, so I had to use my iPhone with not so satisfying results.


A big mouth waiting to swallow some 18ft pallets, and a few Ferrari and Lamborghini.


The view from inside the cargo hold with loader already in place.


The cargo area is so clean that looks like some sterile facility from NASA!


A very looong wing, with the new raked wingtip at the very end.


A massive beats dwarfing some technicians and ground personnel working under its wing.


The cockpit doesn’t look so different from the -400, some better displays, a few different things, but definitely not a big departure from standard as happened on the 787. Probably was meant to keep a common type rating with the older brother. (Anyone as more info?)

Cargolux is using this weekly flights between Malpensa and Luxembourg to train crews, so the pilots are using the turnaround time (that happened to be longer than usual) to learn some new things on their new bird. Nothing better than some hands-on time!

In the end, a dull and quite boring working shift, turned out to be interesting.
And it taught me (again, i should say, but it doesn’t stick) that I should bring my camera at work more often. You never know!


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